Understanding how integrated delivery and payment models are being implemented is key in an era of value-based healthcare. Integrated care can be compared to a black box that may, or may not provide the ‘out of the box’ solutions needed to help improve patients’ care experiences and health, and to minimise costs. One of the challenges in bringing theory into practice is the lack of a universally accepted method for measuring integrated care. This poses significant challenges for policymakers, commissioners, managers, professionals and researchers to support the effective deployment and evaluation of integrated care in daily practice.

To measure is to know

We have developed an assessment tool to obtain better insights in the clinical, professional, organisational, policy, technical and cultural buildings blocks of integrated care. This helps to identify which areas must be focused on to implement integrated delivery models or programs in practice.

Your opinion counts

The International Foundation of Integrated Care and Integrated Care Evaluation would like to tap into your knowledge, experience, and expertise in the field of integrated care and invite you to take part in a cross-national study. As we aim to present the results at the upcoming International Conference on Integrated Care in Utrecht, the Netherlands, we hope you can free up some time to participate.

Please kindly complete the following survey that aims to assess your countries’ ability to implement integrated delivery models and/or programs within your practice region. Completing the survey is estimated to take 10 minutes. To participate, please click on the link below.

We look forward to receiving your valuable feedback.

Thank you for your participation. Your opinion matters to us.