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We believe in the power of knowledge. That is why we publish articles , reports and books on a regular basis. Underneath you can find an overview of the most important scientific published texts.



 Value-based integrated (renal) care: Setting a development agenda for research and implementation strategies Integratie van zorg: Inzichten uit (onderzoeks)programma’s tussen 2005 en 2017  Value-based integrated care: Exploring strategies to enhance the uptake of integrated care Validating the Rainbow Model of Integrated Care Measurement Tool: results from three pilot studies in The Netherlands, Singapore and Australia



A Prospective Validation Study of a Rainbow Model of Integrated Care Measurement Tool in Singapore Rainbow of Chaos: A study into the Theory and Practice of Integrated Primary Care Waardecreatie door integratie van zorg Collaboration processes and perceived effectiveness of integrated care projects in primary care



Towards an international taxonomy of integrated primary care: A Delphi consensus approach Service organization, utilization, and delivery of care Towards a taxonomy for integrated care: A mixed-methods study Exploring the success of an integrated primary care partnership: A longitudinal study of collaboration processes More black box to explore: How collaborative partnerships shape integrated care



Sleutelmodel ontrafelt de kunst van het samenwerken Understanding integrated care: A comprehensive conceptual framework based on the integrative functions of primary care