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Products & Services

Our products and services consist of our RMIC evaluation tool and our Evaluation Lab.


The RMIC – Rainbow Model of Integrated Care – was developed to assess integrated care as a contiguous quality improvement strategy. We apply the RMIC as an evaluation tool with which we collect data, interpret findings and make recommendations for improvement and optimization. Using a comprehensive survey, we can measure the full scope of integrated care, hence the name Rainbow Model, divided into eight domains of integrated care. Please read our articles and white papers for a detailed description of RMIC. For an interactive acquaintance with our model use this link.

Evaluation Lab

Evaluation Lab is an action learning collaboration that aims to identify lessons from current integrated care evaluations with greater application potential. We focus on the phases of planning, designing and monitoring an evaluation, and we manage a portfolio of evaluation projects. As research and evaluation can cover a wide range of subjects, the information obtained therefrom is easily fragmented or lost altogether. Managing the findings from healthcare quality improvement and health services research and evaluation, enables us to advise governments, organizations and healthcare professionals on successfully implementing integrated care.


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Rainbow Model of Integrated Care

For an interactive acquaintance with our model click here.